Situated between Buckie and Banff in the Cullen area, Seafield Estate is primarily involved in farming and commercial forestry, and deals with tenanted farms and residential property. Much of the Estate's farm output is in the form of quality malting barley for the local whisky distilleries.

Benefitting from a mild climate for its latitude thanks to the Gulf Stream, the habitat provides particularly fertile conditions for the growing of arable crops.

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As the largest business and landowner in the area, the business of letting farms and residential property means that we engage regularly with the community and the surrounding villages. We are currently responsible for 62 farm tenancies and 61 residential tenancies.

Seafield Estate also provides the administration for the management of the other multiple businesses and trading concerns that come under the umbrella of Seafield and Strathspey Estates.


The estate’s barley is sold through the Banff and Moray
Grain Group to Pernod Ricard for distilling into their Glenlivet single malt whisky. Our harvest can produce enough for 4,285,714 bottles - almost twice the volume of the Royal Commonwealth Swimming Pool in Edinburgh!