Seafield and Strathspey Estates have a long history. The proprietors have
always devoted themselves to running their estates for the good of the locals
and employees, one of the largest employers in the local
area and stewards of the land.


The family name of the Earl of Seafield is Ogilvie-Grant. The Ogilvie family belongs to Cullen and the surrounding district, while the Grant clan can trace their roots back to Strathspey.

The origins of Ogilvie go back to the 12th century in Glamis, and the family arrived in Banffshire around 1440. The first Grants found their way into Scottish history during the 13th century with the two families uniting for the first time through marriage in 1613.

Castle Grant

The Grant family has owned land in Strathspey since the 14th century. The ‘good Sir James’ Grant was responsible in 1766 for founding the new township of Grantown on Spey on what was then barren moorland.

The historic Castle Grant was occupied by Jacobite forces when the laird was away with his clansmen blocking the path of Prince Charles’ army. The house was sold by the Estate in 1983.

First Earl

The Seafield family has had many notable members including the 1st Earl of Seafield who was chancellor of Scotland in 1707 at the time of the Union of the Scottish and English parliaments.

The family influence also extends to the United States of America where a family descendent, General Ulysses Simpson Grant, became the 18th President.


The Castle of Cullen House is reputed to have been built on the site of an old monastery, and dates from before the 13th Century AD.